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JackThreads: One Man’s eCommerce Dream and How It Became Reality

How does a regular guy from Ohio build a successful fashion company? According to Jason Ross, the entrepreneur who accomplished this feat, the opportunities are available if you are willing to take them.

5 Tips to Help Your Business Prevent a Security Breach

Cyber attacks appear to be increasing since a number of companies, including Sony and Epsilon, have had their security compromised recently. What’s even worse is that attackers are actually more likely to target small businesses since they do not usually have sophisticated security measures.

What You Can Learn about Social Media from Weinergate

No matter how valuable social media is to your brand, instances such as the recent events surrounding former Congressman Anthony Weiner often have an alarming effect. Obvious reasons aside, these circumstances usually make businesses question the processes around their social campaigns.

Using Social Media for Recruiting

Have you ever considered using social media channels, such as Facebook, for finding new employees? While many companies use Facebook and Twitter for research, a new trend is showing that they are also using to actually find people to hire.

The Downside of Price Promotions

Did you know that price promotions could sometimes have a negative impact? As unfortunate as it is, there can, in fact, be a downside to price promotions. It’s not that price promotions are bad, but they should be used in conjunction with other strategies in order to be effective.

How to Compete with the BIG Competitors

Competition is meant to keep businesses on their toes. However, there are times when it seems like an impossible task to compete with the really large players. For example, many small businesses can feel hopeless when they compete with large corporations.