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How Networking Can Grow Your Business

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Networking is a powerful asset for businesses, yet so many neglect to take part in it. One reason for this is because a lot of people find it intimidating to meet new people. Unfortunately, by not networking, businesses miss out on many valuable opportunities for growth.

In this SmallBusinessNewz report, Abby Johnson offers 4 steps for effective networking. They include:

1. Finding places to network
2. Being yourself
3. Being prepared
4. Following up

Watch this report to find out more about networking as well as why well-known blogger Chris Garrett thinks it is one of the most important steps in getting discovered.

5 Responses to “How Networking Can Grow Your Business”

  1. Abby Johnson,
    WOW! that was about a 9 on a 1 to 10 scale. The info was very informative. The presentation of the material was excellent. Your speech had a constant beat to it, clean and clear. As a military instructor with countless hour of presentation to hundreds of trrop at oen time, great job. I am new to the game of networking and advertising. i will take it into consideration and see what it brings.


  2. Videos says:

    Thanks so much, Jose! Glad you enjoyed the piece. Please send along any feedback that you have with your networking efforts. We’d love to hear!


  3. that a nice bit of info.

  4. Thank you for the insight. I use some of those tactics now, but will use the further information in the future.

  5. wow. that was pretty awesome. they just keep getting better and better!

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