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Exploring Consumer Behavior Online and Offline

The California Institute of Technology recently conducted a study that looked at how consumers respond to products and, primarily, the presentation of the products. Interestingly, the study found that consumers would actually pay more for items they could touch.

Three Tips for Creating Value Propositions

In the marketing world, there are many aspects to properly communicate a marketing message with customers. However, targeting your customer with psychographics and demographics isn’t enough. In order to accurately speak to your target, you must connect the unique benefits of your product or service with the needs of the customer. If the customer doesn’t recognize your value proposition, then your marketing message is lost on them.

Tips for Driving Sales Online

The process of making a purchase is mentally draining for most consumers. For this reason, businesses should make it as easy as possible. However, so many businesses provide too much information, which could turn the potential buyer away. It is natural to want to include every feature, but is it really helpful?

Applying the Fundamental Attribution Error to Business

When customers yell at you, it’s hard to keep your cool and respond graciously. According to psychologists, the reason for this behavior is the Fundamental Attribution Error (FAE). It occurs when people attribute responsibility for behavior to a person as opposed to a situation.

How to Respond to Negative Feedback

It’s always discouraging to get negative feedback. Unfortunately, it is part of the communication process. How you respond to negative feedback is the key to controlling it.

Still Value in Print Advertising

Although many reports have already labeled the print advertising industry as dead, you may want to watch this video before you completely forget about your offline advertising efforts. Although the Internet has had a tremendous impact on the advertising industry, there is still a great deal of potential value in traditional print advertising.